PL-3 Tactical Light/Red Laser (LD-70111)

PL-3 Tactical Light/Red Laser (LD-70111)


  • $188.15

Lens is made of Pyrex, super resistant to impacts and heat.
Two interchangeable operating modes through the lid that is used to cover the battery compartment. In this lid there are 3 pressure switches, one to active each mode, and the other has a remote switch cable (included) which has a system to fix it to the weapon frame using “velcro” and a powerful adhesive.

Lumens: 600
Run-time: 120 minutes
Reach: 250 meters
Weight (w/o batteries): 11 oz
Bezel diameter: 51 mm Ø
Length: 123 mm

Led color: White / Red Laser

Battery type: CR123A x2
Color: Black
Packaging: Carton box
Included accessories: Cable switch, batteries, Allen